Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Updates for next week

Before I start my ideas for next week I will again inform u that all my ideas have a strictly money management which means more that 2% losses from each trade are not allowed.

UBS have lost in the last 1.5 weeks more than 20% and are now ready for a turn around. The RMI give the first sign and I bought on Friday 5000 CFDs @ 16,65 SL 16,25

Commerzbank beat the estimates and I close my trade nevertheless I believe that we will see here higher prices

Schmolz&Bickenbach bought also on Friday @1.16 after the break at side range @ 1.17

Rhoen lost after quarterly report but within 2 days we saw a reverse and I believe here also that the speculations are not finished for take over

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