Dienstag, 19. November 2013

Aixtron Software AG and some personal opinion

I closed my position EURJPY with 55 pips win - still bullish but see here more consolidation and back to 134,60 before we go higher.
Aixtron lost more then 40% from high and I think we found now around 9,60-9,80 euro the first bottom. Hedge Fonds Manager Marshall Wace now started to reduce his short position and I think it is a good opportunity to go long with a stop loss at 9,55.

Software AG chart shows more upside potential and the MACD is positiv.

We saw today a big correction in 3D printer Stratasy -12%; DDD -9%; Exone -9% but my opinion is that this are buy opportunities and I have set a buy order for Stratasys around 113-115.

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