Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Updates and ideas for next week

Tesla lost more then 30% from high to now 121$ were rumors makes the round of problematic operation and even fires to the electric models.
We see here an oversold and the first try to build a bottom in the chart. The trade is very speculativ and more deeps will make this trade unusable. The SL have to be very nearly to the lowest price on Friday but on the other side if you don`t risk you will not make money.

We presented Aixtron last week and the trade is now 2,5% in win and we see here more upside potential. The reason is very easy the price is now above the 10 and the short trader will be close more and more the position if they come more upside.

Manz is one of our favourite and we will see here more upside potential. please read here the last analysis of Montega. Their target is 85 euro.

E.on take the next level

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