Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

HCC Insurance

Einer der billigsten Aktien..wollte die Aktie hier nicht vorstellen aber danach dachte ich wieso nicht?? gibt viele dir hier mitlesen aber doch das nicht umsetzen...ein Freund sagte mir mal er liest jedesmal mein Blog versteht aber nicht was ich schreibe und weiss nicht weiss er kaufen soll..ich sagte ihm wieso? ich habe hier doch Singulus bei 2 vorgestellt jetzt 5,50 und Micronas bei 2 jetzt 6 ich habe bei 1,50 gesagt man müsste Eur short gehen ich habe Colonia bei 2 vorgestellt usw..usw...

Over the last decade, HCC has grown their book value from $7.01 to $26.95, an almost 300% increase in just a decade. Also, HCC’s net income has grown from $53 million to over $300 million and they've done a fabulous job of managing their debt. Currently, they have over two (2) times as much in cash as they do in total debt. As Buffett would describe, intrinsic value is the cash that can be extracted from the business over its life. Well, that value has increased steadily since 2000. Yet, the company’s stock has not reached its full potential.
The company's net earnings were a $11.8 million lower than a year earlier because of losses on their reinsurance in large part to the Chilean earthquake. That alone reduced net earnings by $0.12 per share.
Even though net earnings are estimated to be lower this year than last, the company's stock offers a great earnings yield (11%), along with a very good price appreciation potential. Book value growth and a great earnings yield make HCC a great buy at its current price.

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